Our Mission

Justus Truck Lines, Inc. is a well established customer-focused trucking company dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of material transportation services. Team relationships are established with each shipper in order to help them meet their business objectives.

At Justus we know that reputations are built on action. That’s why we’ve been providing the best of everything to our customers for thirty years. We realize what it takes to earn a respected reputation in the transportation industry. We believe in working with people through respect and proper communication.


In 1973, Thomas Justus, a major apple grower and packer, established a trucking line as primary means of transporting his apples to market. The trucking operation continued to grow until 1978 when it was incorporated and began operating as its own entity: Justus Truck Lines, Inc. This is a closely held family corporation with his son Don Justus as president and his daughter, Susan Justus, as Secretary and Treasurer. They have been officers in the corporation since 1989. Don and Susan are experienced in the operation of this family business and have contributed to the stability and growth of the trucking operation.